GF-TA PLC control wax laminating machine for induction cap seal wads

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      This machine is applied to coat special wax on the surface of laminated PE,AL-foil, PET,OPP etc. and then rewind after laminating with the paper board. The die-cut finished products are electromagnetic induction AL-foil sealing cap wads
    Electromagnetic induction AL-foil sealingwads are suitable for container sealing of different materials, such as PE, PET, PS, APS, PP, glass and others. The gasket is widely used in packaging of cosmetic, medicine, food, wine, farm chemical, motor oil, and chemical products. It has the effect of leak proof, anti-theft, anti-fake,
    anti-deterioration and prolonging shelf life.
    Production Process of seal wads:
    1.  Laminate imported paper board with AL-foil compound by laminating machine.
    2.  Punch the laminated AL-foil compound into required round shape or other shapes.
    3.  Inser the Alu foiil wadst into the cap with AL-foil side exposed and close the bottle, then tighten up unto bottle cap. Through induction heating by the electromagnetic induction sealing machine, the bottle and the AL-foil are bonded together to form a reliable hot-melt sealing.

    Main Features:
    1. PLC fully automatic controlled
    2.EPC tracking and corrective system for unwinders,riewinder and exit of oven.
    3. Hydraulic structure for 2nd unwinder,special for paper jumbo rolls.

    Main Technical Parameters

    Model GF-TA
    Max. laminating speed 80~100 M/min
    Max. material width 600mm
    Total power 35kw
    G.weight 5500kgs
    Dimension (L*W*H) 4800*1800*2200mm

    • Finished machine ready for delivery

    • DONGHAI brand_32 years’ history in making laminating machines.

    • Wax plate heated by electricity

    • EPC web guide system track the roll edge precisouly

    • Pneumatic unwinder for automatic material feeding

    • 20kgs magnetic powder control the tension of paper jumbo roll

    • Wax coating unit overview

    • Perfect rewinding

    • Cut into different size by a punching machine   (click the machine photo to get more technical details)

    • Get the finished induction seal liners/wads

    • Lead time: 1~2months after receving the advance payment

    • Packing: nude packing

    • Container type: 20GP

    • Loading port: Ningbo port,China

    • HS code: 84778000


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