LFQ-1300W PLC Controlled Automatic horizontal Slitting Machine
    The machine applies to slit cellophane, PET, OPP, CPP, PE, PS, PVC and computer security labels, electronic computers, optical materials, film roll, foil roll, all kinds of paper rolls, film and printing of various materials.,etc 

    1, Main body unit:
      1. Machine’s main body adopts cast iron and steel structure.(cast iron after secondary operation and setting treatment)
      2. Main driving roller adopts seamless steel pipe (after tempering, surface hardening, chrome plated,mirror surface, dynamic balance treatment)
      3. Main driving press roller adopts rubber roll (nitrile-butadiene rubber)
      4. Material guide rollers adopts steel rolls (aluminum alloy) and rubber roll (nitrile-butadiene rubber)
      5. Driving mode of main body and rewind shafts adopt synchronizing wheel and belt.
    2, Unwinding unit:
      1. Unwind unit adopts separate structure.
      2. It adopts removable bracket with ball slider.
      3. Unwind shaft adopts air shaft and hydraulic automatic life up and down. (can be changed into Shaft-less,the cost increased by us$3500.00)
      4. 1 set bias adjustable device can fine tune left and right, forward and backward through hand wheel.
      5. Unwind tension’s actuator is 1 set Italy brand RE pneumatic brake. through PLC and Japanese brand SMC proportional valve to achieve a constant tension.
       6. EPC uses TAIWAN brand PAUSOURCE web guide system, it can achieve guide function by material’s edge.
    3.  Rewinding unit:
       1. Shafts adopt 3 inch air shaft which is controlled by servo motor.
       2. Lock mode adopts pneumatic control.
       3. Rewind tension’s actuator is 2 sets Taiwanese brand DANMA servo motor.  through PLC to achieve a constant tension.
       4. Rewind press rollers provided by customers demand (2 sets)
       5. Slitting knives are controlled by pneumatic cylinder (10 sets). Can be fine tuned.
       6. Equipped with a vacuum-type waste edge exclusion system, use the strong force adsorb the waste edge out away  


    Max. width of roller 1300mm (accept customization)
    Max. diameter of raw material Ø1000mm
    Max. diameter of Rewinding Ø600mm
    Speed of machine 16-350m/min
    Total power 15KW
    Thickness range of paper 40-400gsm
    Overall dimensions 3200×3200×1700mm
    Weight of machine 3800KG


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