SEN-1050A sino-korea high speed Solventless laminating machine (580M/min)
  • Solvent-less lamination machine as a low-carbon printing equipment, is widely used in the industry today. The main choice of solvent-free adhesive will be two or more than a variety of substrates in line with the method, from the first generation of solvent-less lamination machine so far, the solvent-less lamination machine has the advantages of low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency. Solvent-less composite technology has been used in our country for more than ten years. Because of all kinds of practical factors, it has not gained universal development like dry compound. With the enhancement of environmental awareness of Chinese enterprises, solvent-less compound in the last one or two years has made long-term development, installed capacity showed a historic breakthrough, solvent-free composite to begin to occupy the main position of the composite field

    In recent years, solvent-less composite technology shows a trend of rapid development in the soft packaging industry in our country, some of the soft packaging company changed the previous exclusion of depressed mood, non solvent composite technology put a lot of attention, some soft packaging company began to change the past, the sentiment, the active introduction of solventless laminator. These changes show that the advantages of solvent-less composite technology have been gradually confirmed and recognized by enterprises.

    We know that solvent-less composite technology with environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, low cost and many other advantages. Among them, environmental protection, energy saving, efficient aspects of the advantages of equipment in the operation of the process can be at a glance.

    Solvent-less lamination machine adhesive is mainly with the dry compound solvent-based adhesives and water-based adhesives compared to the single from the unit price point of view, the cost of solvent-less composite adhesive is indeed better than the other two Adhesive slightly higher, but no solvent composite coating amount is very small, less than half the amount of dry composite coating, can save a lot of cost.

    SEN-1050A model Solventless Laminating Machine is a product researched and developed by our company combined with the gradually matured solvent-free laminating technology. It’s based on the characteristics of the solvent-free laminating process itself, especially the problems such as low initial adhesion and difficult to control the amount of glue. In order to solve such key problems, many targeted innovations have been carried out in our machine including the mechanical structure, control methods, safety protection and appearance design. It is suitable for high-speed lamination of different types of films, paper and aluminum foils. It has the advantages of high efficiency, good performance and solvent residue-free.

     The full set of technical drawings was completed by Korean technical team which is led by Mr.Shaun Youn, the assembly work of the whole machine was led by Korean assembly technician team and mutually completed with the efforts of our domestic technical team. Machine frames and 90% machine parts are processed by
    CNC and imported from Korea and Japan. It is currently the most advanced and fastest solventless laminating machine in China.

    Working videos in YouTube: 

    Main Feature:

    Ø  Accurate coating amount control and easy adjustment;
           Independent servo motor drive and linear independent adjustment enable the operator to accurately control the coating amount, and the adjustment is convenient with good replicability.

    Ø  High Laminating Quality
           The material path has been carefully laid out, especially the use of a five-roller transferring coating mechanism, three-roller laminating mechanism, mirror surface cooling mechanism and frequency conversion motor taper rewinding mechanism guarantee the uniformity of lamination and rewinding.

    Ø  Highly User-friendly
          Reasonable layout of the control panel and the use of pneumatic observation protective device make the operation of machine very convenient.

    Ø  Machine safety is good, stable and reliable;
         As the main electrical components comply with CE safety standards, critical components are strictly handled, making the machine safe and reliable, it still can run smoothly at high speeds.

    Ø  Easy operation
        Not only the above-mentioned perfect hardware structure, but also equipped with process method and other software support, the combination of software and hardware enable users to quickly master the use of equipment, effectively reduce the various consumption before production.

     Main Technical Parameters

    • Printing Material’s way                                                Left to right

    •  Mechanical Speed                                                     580m/min

    • Max Laminating Speed                                               500m/min

    • (The max. production speed will be affected by the quality and properties of substrate and adhesive used)

    • Max coating width                                                      1050mm

    • Max roll width                                                            1050mm

    • Min roll width                                                             150mm

    • Max unwind diameter                                                 Ø1000mm

    • Max rewind diameter                                                 Ø1000mm

    • Unwind paper core                                           3’’=76mm and 6’’=152mm

    • Rewind paper core                                            3’’=76mm and 6’’=152mm

    • Unwind tension range                                                3--40kg(400NM)

    • Rewind tension range                                                4--55kg(550NM)

    • Rewind tape tension setting range                              100%--60%

    • Max roll’s weight                                                       1,000kg

    • Range of coating amount                                            0.8-3gsm

    • Dimension(L*W*H)                                                 5100*3400*2500mm

    • Power                                                                        53kw

    • Weight                                                                      14000kg

    • Machine’s color                                             Ivory white (as per buyers)

    Substrate Types

    Coating substrates Thickness of substrates
    BOPP 12-80μ
    PETP 10-30μ
    LDPE,LLDPE 30-200μ
    OPA 12-18μ
    NYLON CAST 30-80μ
    ALU(Foil) 6.3-40μ
    PP CAST 60-150μ
    PAPER 40-150gsm


    Laminating substrates     Thickness of substrates
    BOPP 12-80μ
    PETP 8-30μ
    LDPE,LLDPE 20-200μ
    OPA 12-18μ
    NYLON CAST 20-80μ
    ALU(Foil) 6.3-40μ
    PP CAST 20-150μ
    COEX FILM 20-200μ
    PAPER 40-150gsm

    And other films with the same properties as the above substrates.


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    • Our CNC Machining Center in South-Korea;

    • 90%high-precision mechanical parts are processed & imported from Korea

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      • Machine frame thickness:80mm, Ensure  NO vibration when running in high speed.  

      • Material: SS#400


      • Machine in Production



      • Details determine quality






      • Five-rollers coating system, each roller is driven by a independent servo motor.

      • These rollers are provided by the same supplier of aircraft carrier   (Tungsten Carbide coating)


      • Shaftless unwinder&rewinder structure. (minimum width can be 120~150mm)


      • Servo motor driven & PLC controlled glue mixer is included


      • Advantages of solventless lamination:


      • Shengtian workteam always at your service!



    • Lead time:1~3months (Because we need at least 40days to receive the machine frames from South-Korea)

    • Packing way: nude packing

    • Container type: 40HQ

    • Loading port: Ningbo port,China

    • HS code: 84778000




    • Machine works in customer's factory



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